It’s hard to live when your name could be the next hashtag.

Trash bags lynching black bodies
As if black people belong in trash cans
Last stand. No lying.
All truth. No lying.
No outrage for black life. I’m no lion.
But I am a king
Painful hearing Sandra scream
Even when we race to the top
Another black life stopped
Another racist cop
Racial profiling during a traffic stop

Stopped for no reason
Three days later they found her not breathing
Suicide.  I don’t believe it.
Try to remain peaceful
But in 2015, they’re still lynching black people.

They can hang the dreamers but can’t stop the dream
Tried to bury us but didn’t realize we’re seeds
So when they put us in the ground
We grew tall as trees

So call the guards when we riot
Eric Garner in Staten Island
We fight back like Ali and Tyson
We’re nonv violent and compliant
But it’s hard when they traded in the hoods
For badges and the horses for sirens

Took down the Cconfederate
But racism still hangs like the noose they hung Sandra with

Letting my life reflect the words that Ssandy speaks
I’m Malcolm by any means
I’m Martin in jeans
I’m Che with naps
Love wins in America when we legalize black.

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