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South Side Scramble

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South Side Parks and Beaches Trivia!

  1. This Bridgeport park was until 2009 a former limestone quarry used as a landfill for construction debris.
  2. What element of the former U.S. Steel South Works site has been turned into a climbing wall at this South Chicago park?
  3. This body of water straddles the Illinois/Indiana border, connecting Hegewisch and South Deering to Whiting.
  4. Which rails-to-trails project, in the planning stages for more than a decade, has at its core a 1.7-mile former railway embankment acquired by the city as part of a trade to grant Norfolk Southern 84 acres for a new railyard?
  5. This marshy Auburn Gresham land was developed in the late nineteenth century into an eight-acre park and lagoon that was deeded to the city of Chicago between 1911 and 1913, with the provision that it remain a park in perpetuity.
  6. The 1914 wreck of the Silver Spray steamboat is still visible from what Hyde Park beach?
  7. Which 60-acre New City park was named after the founder of the Union Stockyards?
  8. What park along the South Branch of the Chicago River was once a Chicago and Western Indiana Railroad yard, until it was repurposed in 1998?
  9. This sprawling Southwest Side park is the largest of ten parks designed by the Olmsted brothers, and once featured an 18-hole golf course and a nursery with more than 90,000 trees and shrubs.
  10. This South Shore beach was in 1961 the site of a “freedom wade-in” staged by an interracial coalition of civil rights activists.
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Coloring Page

Illustration by Mel Valentine

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