This comic is taken from the forthcoming book Kedzie Avenue by Illustrated Press, which will be published in late 2016. Kedzie Avenue is an examination of a north-south street that runs through the entire city of Chicago. The result of “years’ worth of reporting and interviews, the book will weave personal narrative, journalistic reporting, and frame-by-frame illustration into a portrait of the city at large.” This excerpt depicts some of the early history of Kedzie Avenue and Chicago. For more information, see

kedzie 10kedzie 11kedzie 12kedzie 13

Illustrated Press is a multimedia production collective specializing in illustrated journalism and other storytelling endeavors. The Chicago-based group of professional journalists and illustrators fuses narrative non-fiction with shoe-leather reportage, all set to finely tuned sequential art. It is composed of Darryl Holliday, Jamie Hibdon, and E.N. Rodriguez.

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