Letter for October 15, 2014

Dear Sirs,

Having eaten there, I do concede Ms. Biscuit does throw down with a hell of a biscuit and many other menu items.

However, what puzzles me is how your crack smoking, glue sniffing, Jagermeister slamming, Twinkie eating food reporter(s) could stagger west up Garfield Boulevard from the vaunted Currency Exchange Café, at Prairie Avenue, on the south side of the street, and not sample Miss Lee’s Good Food at 203 East Garfield Boulevard, just east of Indiana Avenue, one block away on the same side of Garfield, in route to Ms. Biscuit at 5431 South Wabash Avenue.

Obviously that crack, glue, Jaegermeister, Twinkie overload must have, some how, shut down their gustatorial radar. The Chicago Maroon managed to stumble across it on April 28th of this year, how did you guys miss it?

Herbert H Hardwick

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