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Pinches Miches is an independent drink company started by Mo Muñoz Husein and girlfriend Nancy Hernandez five years ago. Their drinks are inspired by a popular Mexican drink, the michelada, a light beer mixed with a flavorful blend of tomato juice and bold spices on the rocks.

The founders started creating their own drink mix for micheladas for friends and family at intimate get-togethers. Soon enough, those friends and family members began requesting bottles of michelada mix for their own gatherings. This lead to Pinches Miches’ very first pop-up event a year and a half ago, which was held at a thirty-person house party.

“Even your favorite bartender has off days, you know?” Husein said. “I got to the point where I wanted it to taste the same every time. That’s why we made the mix… All you really gotta do is add a certain amount and add beer, and ice it, and that’s it.”

Pinches Miches is now a big hit in Chicago and beyond, and their micheladas can be purchased in twenty-eight stores throughout the state—and the list of locations continues to expand.

Pinches also prides themselves on working with local communities by bringing attention and awareness to other businesses they work with. They believe in helping one another grow and have participated in pop-up events everywhere from  hair salons and barbershops to markets and corporate events. Husein says they do pop-up events nearly every weekend.

Seeing the happiness in people’s faces while enjoying their drinks inspired Pinches to go the extra step. At pop-up events, they serve a “Cevichelada”—a michelada accompanied by homemade fresh ceviche, which they claim is the first of its kind in the city. They’ve done other variations before, with mango or pineapple shrimp ceviche. Their upcoming “Cutecumber” (cucumber mix with chile and lime) will available right in time for Cinco de Mayo, hitting all participating store locations on May 3.

With social media posts and high demand from previous customers, Pinches Miches has found themselves on the upswing. “We owe it all to our Miche Gang,” Husein said. “They are really the ones responsible for everything because they come to our events. Some people drive hours to our pop-ups just to get our cups, and with them posting on their Instagram and Facebook, them reaching out to whether it’s twenty or fifty people, they keep helping us grow and grow. Our Miche Gang plays a really big part in helping us grow.” (Wendy Random)

Look out for Pinches Miches’ upcoming events on May 4 at Lo Rez Brewing in Pilsen and May 5 at El Vicio in Cicero. Follow them on Facebook at Pinchesmiches32oz, Instagram at @pinches_miches, and Snapchat at pinchesmiches, or visit their website pinchesmiches.com

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Wendy “Random” Chavez is a contributor to the Weekly and photographer and writer from Los Angeles who is currently living on the South Side.

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