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The Weekly is starting a new initiative during the coronavirus pandemic, seeking audio, video, visual art, and written contributions from you sharing how you’re experiencing life during this pandemic. We’re planning to group these contributions into three broad categories: Work, Art, and Solidarity, but if you have inspiration outside these broad categories, feel free to send them anyway!

How has coronavirus affected your work? Are you working from home? Have you been laid off? If you’re doing essential work, let us know what the conditions are like, how you’re staying safe, and what your work atmosphere is like. What do you want the rest of the world to know?

Are you making art to cope with our new reality? Read for us your poems. Play for us your music. Share with us your comics. And if other people’s art has been inspiring you, we’d like to know about that as well: what  albums have you been listening to on repeat and why? What poems have you’ve been reciting? What books you’ve been reading and films have you been watching?

Have you been engaging in efforts to sustain solidarity with folks in Chicago? Calling the governor? Grocery shopping for your elderly neighbor? Donating to a mutual aid fund? Let us know what you’re doing to help one another during this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

For audio contributions:

Record a voice memo on your phone and email with Work, Art, or Solidarity in the subject line. In your message, please include your name and location. If you’re not sure how to record on your phone, check out this resource: You can also share your experience by leaving us a voicemail at ‪(331) 308-0773‬.

Every Wednesday and Sunday for the foreseeable future we’ll release a collection of these messages on our Soundcloud

For visual, video, and text contributions:

We’d love to share your creative writing (stories, essays, poems), visual art (photos, comics, paintings, prints), and videos inspired by this crisis. Submit your work to us via the form below. 

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