Illustration by Alejandra Fernandez
Illustration by Alejandra Fernandez

In contrast with school districts in other cities, Chicago’s Board of Education voted in June 4-3 against terminating Chicago Public Schools’ $33 million contract with the Chicago Police Department. Officials said that cops-in-schools decisions were better left to seventy-two individual Local School Councils (LSCs) and that they had until August 15 to do so.

Seventeen schools in the city did not have enough votes (aka quorum) and nine schools in the city had no LSCs or had “non-functioning” LSCs, which the CPS website defined as those unable to convene members besides the principal. Charter schools don’t participate in the School Resource Officer (SRO) program.

With Mayor Lori Lightfoot reluctantly allowing CPS to do full-time remote learning in the fall under pressure from parents and teachers due to consistent COVID-19 trends, the school board recently had to slash its CPD budget in half. The board expects to vote on renewing its contract August 26.

Here’s how South Side high schools voted:


High School with SROs LSC Votes Result
Air Force Academy 12-0 Keep
Austin Academy No quorum Keep
Back of the Yards 6-5 Remove
Bogan No quorum Keep
Bowen No quorum Keep
Bronzeville No active LSC Keep
Carver Military Academy No quorum Keep
Chicago Vocational 10-0 Keep
Collins Academy No active LSC Keep
Corliss 8-1 Keep
Crane Medical No quorum Keep
Curie Metropolitan 7-4 Remove
Dunbar Vocational No quorum Keep
Dyett Arts No active LSC Keep
Farragut Academy 8-0 Keep
Fenger No active LSC Keep
Gage Park 4-3 Keep
Goode 8-0 Keep
Hancock 6-4 Remove
Harlan No quorum Keep
Harper 5-3 Keep
Hirsch Metropolitan No quorum Keep
Hubbard 9-0 Keep
Hyde Park 9-0 Keep
Jones College Prep 7-5 Keep
Juarez Academy 7-1 Remove
Julian No quorum Keep
Kelly 6-Y;4-N Remove
Kennedy 7-1 Keep
Kenwood 9-0 Keep
King College Prep 6-3 Keep
Lindblom Math and Science  7-4 Keep
Little Village Lawndale 11-9 Keep
Manley Career Academy No active LSC Keep
Marshall No quorum Keep
Morgan Park 10-0 Keep
Phillips Academy No vote Remove
Raby No active LSC Keep
Richards Career Academy 7-3 Keep
Solorio Academy 7-1 Keep
Tilden No quorum Keep
Washington 6-5 Remove
Westinghouse College Prep 6-4 Keep
Williams Prep No quorum Keep
Young Magnet 8-5 Keep


Visit for final citywide tally

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Jacqueline Serrato is the Editor-In-Chief of the South Side Weekly. She last wrote about the intersection of Black Lives Matter and decolonization.

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