Sean and Dorian Nash (Provided)

SSW Radio: Black History Month and Love

This week on SSW Radio, we wrapped up our February series on Black History Month and love

What does Black History Month mean to you? Christian from Little Village uses Black History Month as a time to think “critically about our history as a nation and how we have been inclusive or not inclusive of Black people.” We also asked people what they hope is accomplished between now and Black History Month 2019. Hear what listeners had to say.

For the rest of the hour, we turned the mic over to the Weekly Read, who interviewed Sean and Dorian H. Nash—aka the Extraordinary Everyday Marriage Duo—live on air. “We’re not doctors, we’re not therapists, we are you,” Sean said at the beginning of the segment. “We are our audience. We are advocates for healthy relationships.” The Nash’s answered listener questions about marriage and commitment posed by individuals from not only the South Side but throughout Chicagoland and beyond! Questions ranged from how to rectify a relationship that started off on difficult terrain, to how to manage a blended family, to when to get intimate with a new partner.

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