Jorie Johnson (Olivia Obineme)

This week on SSW Radio we talking with a beatmaker, heard from attendees of a public newsroom, and continued our series on WHPK community DJs.

At a City Bureau Public Newsroom at Build Coffee in March, researcher Daniel Kay Hertz shared excerpts from his upcoming book on gentrification in Lincoln Park. Audience members reacted to the excerpts, giving feedback to Hertz and discussing the cyclical nature of historical discussions of gentrification.

Raised on jazz, when Jorie Johnson got the chance to show her stuff to then-format chief Richton Guy Thomas, she did not disappoint. The hour-long “audition” left her with a show on WHPK. For the past four years, Jorie K’s Journey has shared all types of jazz with her listeners. Johnson joined WHPK hosts Olivia Obineme and Andrew Koski in studio for a deeper look at her show and her hopes for the community.

Nigel Jackson, who goes by HarmonicSapien, doesn’t seem himself as a producer as much as a conductor. Jackson pulls samples from throughout the musical landscape to create his beats. Talking with SSW Radio’s Erisa Apantaku, Jackson described his first exposures to music, beatmaking, and how he likes to approach collaborations with other artists.

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