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SSW Radio: Sol Patches, Transit Equity, and New Year’s Resolutions

This week on SSW Radio, we spoke with a musician, discussed transit activism in Chicago, and heard your New Year’s resolutions

Sol Patches – a gender abolitionist from the South and West Sides of Chicago – newest album “Garden City” comes out on January 4. Windy is the common nickname for Chicago, but Patches sees Chicago as a Garden City from their experience growing up and going to play in abandoned buildings and houses in the neighborhood. “There’s so much potential here, there’s so much potential in my family, and there’s so much potential of what this neighborhood could do to us and what this neighborhood could grow out of us.” South Side Weekly’s Erisa Apantaku interviewed Patches along with album collaborator Chaski So about the creation of the album, including their influences and collaborators. 

Then, hosts Olivia Obineme and Erisa Apantaku interviewed South Side Weekly writer Hanna Addis live about her upcoming piece on racial equity tactician Olatunji Oboi Reed and his trajectory from working a corporate job to co-founding Slow Roll Chicago, whose mission is to use bicycles and cycling as a “vehicle for social justice and social change.” Recently, he’s started a new venture Equiticity. In the program, Addis shares some of Equiticity’s future plans. 

Throughout the show, we shared some brief New Year’s wishes and resolutions from South Side Weekly listeners. To close out the hour, we re-aired an interview with Sol Patches that was originally broadcast in September.

SSW Radio is the Weekly’s radio hour, featuring stories and interviews from the people of the South Side of Chicago. SSW Radio airs Tuesday afternoons from 3pm-4pm on WHPK 88.5 FM.

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