Arts Issue 

This year’s Arts Issue features artists from all over the South Side and in many stages of their career. Begin with the poignant photography of Diana Solís that captures decades of Pilsen life, explore the fantastical imagery of Martha A. Wade, and dive into the colorful palettes of Beverly-based artist Hollie Davis. You’ll want to hear sculptor Roman Villarreal from South Chicago talk about the joys of working with stone (and check out our website to see a video tour of his studio), and end on the oil paintings of Little Village from Sebastian Silverio, whose art is featured on the cover. Included in the issue are also reviews of a book on faith and a play about abortion that get philosophical; a poem that explores the changing meaning of ‘South Side’; and a moving essay on finding safe haven in the city. The selection of artists in the issue came through crowdsourcing efforts led by our Arts Editor, Isabel Nieves—some artists were recommended several times, showing just how popular and important artists are to our communities. Dig in, enjoy, and make sure to check out some of these artists’ upcoming exhibitions and books.

Englewood elevated trail

A $20 million grant will propel the creation of a nature trail in Englewood that has been in the works for over a decade. Nearly two miles of unused railroad will be transformed into a nature trail running west from Wallace Avenue to Hoyne Avenue. Although bikes will be able to access the trail, the trail is being designed with nature as the main focus, rather than centering the trail for bike use. While design work is still being done, renderings of the trail are hoped to be shown to the public at the end of the year. The nature trail would not only provide a space to be physically active within the community and create economic development, it is also an opportunity for the community to connect with each other. There will be a “community benefit contract” so that families won’t be displaced due to the project. The grant has been provided by the Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity program

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