Walking through both Chatham and Greater Grand Crossing you are guaranteed to see some of the most breathtaking picturesque blocks in the city. With well-maintained properties, manicured lawns, clear bright skies, and big full trees it’s hard not to stop and stare as you walk around.

Photo by Miranda Ploss
Photo by Miranda Ploss

I’m not sure whether or not there is a secret competition as to which neighborhood has the best decorated/landscaped porches and front yards, but the one-two punch that is Chatham and Greater Grand Crossing would definitely take the purse!

Photo by Miranda Ploss
Photo by Miranda Ploss

From custom additions like butterflies and stone statues to all-encompassing foliage, and everything in between, Chatham and Greater Grand Crossing boast of beautifully designed homes.

If you’re like me, you probably get caught up in the details and there are so many to stop and marvel at while walking through the neighborhood. If you’re an avid photographer or simply a hobbyist I can promise you will have a splendid time on this neighborhood walk.

As a neighborhood evolving with the times, you’ll see many homes with modernized exteriors, second floor additions, and even full rehabs.

Taking a walk through this neighborhood is essentially a nature walk, with trees of all different types and sizes, rare insects often not seen, and so many residents growing all types of flowers and foliage. The crisp air and bright sunshine almost make you forget that you’re in a bustling city. 

You never know what you’ll find while walking through Chatham/Greater Grand Crossing. You can come across anything… a faux deer hiding amongst shrubbery, cool old school cars, a small custom pond, or a personalized street sign.

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