Ellen Hao

Driving around Black neighborhoods in Chicago, you see a lot of currency exchanges. While reporting on wealth in Black communities this summer, Tonia Hill wanted to know what their impact is on working class communities of color and why it seems as though there are more of these types of financial services in South Side communities than banks.

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Tonia Hill is is a writer based in Chicago. This summer, she and a team of journalists spent ten weeks reporting on Black Generational Wealth with City Bureau, a civic journalism lab in Woodlawn. Previously, she was a staff writer at the Hyde Park Herald, where she wrote extensively about the Obama Presidential Center.

Erisa Apantaku is the executive producer of South Side Weekly Radio. Last summer, her team worked on an interactive history project documenting Robeson, one of the four high schools in Englewood slated for closure by Chicago Public Schools. Follow her on Twitter at @erisa_apantaku.

This piece was produced in collaboration with City Bureau, a Woodlawn-based civic journalism lab. For more information go to citybureau.org.

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