The South Side Weekly is a newsprint magazine based out of the University of Chicago, for and about the South Side. The Weekly is distributed across the South Side each Wednesday of the academic year.

In fall 2013, the Weekly reformed itself as an independent, student-directed organization. The paper’s operations—printing and distribution—are funded entirely through advertising. Previously, the paper was known as the Chicago Weekly.

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 Bea Malsky
Managing Editor Spencer Mcavoy
Deputy Editor John Gamino

Senior Editors Josh KovenskyHarrison Smith
Politics Editors Osita Nwanevu
Stage & Screen Editor Meaghan Murphy
Music Editor Zach Goldhammer
Visual Arts Editor Katryce Lassle
Education Editor Bess Cohen
Online Editor Sharon Lurye
Contributing Editors Jake BittleEmma Collins, Jack Nuelle, Rachel Schastok
Editor-at-Large Hannah Nyhart
Photo Editor Lydia Gorham
Illustration Editor Isabel Ochoa Gold
Layout Editor Emma Cervantes

Senior Writers Ari FeldmanEmily Holland, Patrick LeowStephen Urchick
Staff Writers
Olivia Adams, Christian BelangerJon Brozdowski, Cindy DapognyLauren GurleyOlivia Dorow Hovland, Olivia MarkbreiterPaige Pendarvis, Arman Sayani
Senior Photographer Luke White
Staff Photographers Camden BauchnerJuliet Eldred, Stephanie Koch, Siddhesh Mukerji
Staff Illustrators Ellie Mejia, Wei Yi OwHanna Petroski, Maggie Sivit

Editorial Intern 
Zavier Celimene

Business Manager 
Harry Backlund