The South Side Weekly is a nonprofit newsprint magazine dedicated to supporting cultural and civic engagement on the South Side, and to providing educational opportunities for developing journalists, writers, and artists.

We publish in-depth coverage of the arts and issues of public interest alongside oral histories, poetry, fiction, interviews, and artwork from local photographers and illustrators.

The paper is produced by an all-volunteer editorial staff and seeks contributions from across the city. We distribute each Wednesday in the fall, spring, and winter, with breaks during April and December. Over the summer we publish monthly. A full map of our distribution network is available here.

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Send submissions, story ideas, comments, or questions to editor@southsideweekly.com or mail to:

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Editor-in-Chief Osita Nwanevu
Executive Editor Bess Cohen
Managing Editor Olivia Stovicek

Politics Editors Christian Belanger
Education Editor Mari Cohen
Music Editor Maha Ahmed
Stage & Screen Editor Julia Aizuss 
Visual Arts Editor Emeline Posner
Editor-at-Large Lucia Ahrensdorf, Jake Bittle, Austin BrownSarah Claypoole, Emily Lipstein
Contributing Editors  Will Cabaniss, Eleonora Edreva, Lewis PageHafsa Razi
Social Media Editor Sam Stecklow
Web Editor Andrew Koski
Visuals Editor Ellie Mejia
Layout Editors Baci Weiler, Adam Thorp

Senior Writer Stephen Urchick
Staff Writers Olivia AdamsAmelia Dmowska, Maira Khwaja, Emiliano Burr Di MauroMichal Kranz, Zoe MakoulSammie Spector, Zach Taylor
Staff Photographers Juliet EldredFinn JubakAlexander Pizzirani, Julie Wu 
Staff Illustrators Javier Suarez, Addie Barron, Jean Cochrane, Lexi Drexelius, Wei Yi Ow, Amber Sollenberger, Teddy Watler, Julie Wu, Zelda Galewsky,  Seonhyung Kim

Editorial Interns Clyde Schwab

Webmaster Sofia Wyetzner
Harry Backlund