Education | Food

Scraps to Sustenance

How sustainability organizations help CPS students reduce food waste

Courtney Kendrick

When Illinois House Bill 5530 was passed in July 2016 and became a Public Act, many educators and cafeteria workers were unaware that excess cafeteria food could legally be donated to food pantries and homeless shelters.

Education | Roseland

Repurposing Shedd

Four years after its closing, a former elementary school sits empty

Jonathan Jardin

Nestled in a quiet part of Roseland, at the corner of 99th Street and Indiana Avenue, sits what was once John G. Shedd Elementary School. Shedd Elementary served as a satellite school to nearby Bennett Elementary until 2013.

Arts Issue 2017 | Visual Arts

New Space, Same Work

Cultura presses on with art, activism, despite organization’s uncertain future

Vives Q Labs meeting hosted by Cultura at its residency at La Catrina Cafe (Deysi Cuevas)

Cultura in Pilsen, a grassroots gallery and arts organization, is in transition. Displaced from its original space and unsure of where it will end up, the organization is now striving to continue being a gathering place for Pilsen artists and activists.