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A Plan for Reform

Activists press for citizen-led police oversight

Ellie Mejia

“I’ve heard [Ando] speak on at least one occasion; his tone was such that I got the sense that he would do anything to suggest that a police officer’s actions, no matter what they were…that they were founded.”


Education Without Representation

Chicago activists advocate for an elected school board even as some elected officials support a mayor-appointed model

Ellie Mejia

Some residents are ambivalent towards centralized education power in a city that has never administered schools with an elected school board


A Win and Some Prayers

With Rahm re-elected, local clergy hope for mindful policy and kept promises

Zelda Galewsky

“I felt as though Rahm had better initiatives for shoring up the City budget, mostly because Chuy really had not flipped his hand in any way regarding what he planned to do”