Stage & Screen

Meet Ricard(ito) Gamboa

A look into the artist, activist, and academic’s “alternative cultural ecology”

Chances are that you’re rarely going to see Ricardo Gamboa’s name associated with any mainstream Chicago theaters. And that’s how they like it. Instead, these days you’re more likely to find them at the Storyfront, a theater in Back of the Yards that just a year ago was a storefront, camouflaging with audience and community members who curiously wander in to performances of Meet Juan(ito) Doe. They always break this facade at the end of the performance to express their gratitude and urge audience members to share their stories and reviews with them. Last, they urge the audience to keep using the Storyfront as a community and arts space, letting them know about events that are occurring there in the future and encouraging anyone to reach out to them with ideas of how else to use the space. All this is part of Gamboa’s role as a “triple A”—an artist, activist and academic—committed to making radical, intersectional work centered on people of color (POC).

Music | Pilsen

A Product of Exposure

The musical stylings of Vivian Garcia

Ellie Mejia

“When I want to something to sound passionate, I write in English. But when something passionate arises within me when writing, it manifests itself in Spanish.” – Vivian Garcia

Visual Arts

Identity, Multiplicity

René Arceo at the National Museum of Mexican Art

Michael Tropea

Two cultures, one identity. The fitting of two worlds into one body is a familiar idea to bilingual, biracial, and bicultural communities, and it is a struggle at the center of René Arceo’s newest exhibition at the National Museum of Mexican Art, “Dos Experiencias, Una Identidad.” Continue reading