An Open Book(store)

Theaster Gates seeks to bring rare art books to the masses

Chris Salmon

As he rummages through a slew of cardboard boxes in the cramped basement of Bing, a new bookstore in Washington Park, curator Hamza Walker’s excitement is tangible. “Check this out,” he says, turning to manager Chris Salmon, “it’s Bauhaus, the band!” He and his colleague proceed to flip through the seminal post-punk group’s pamphlet, surrounded by boxes of similarly rare and highly valuable knick-knacks.


Bluesy, but Bittersweet

Billy Branch at the Promontory

Courtesy of Billy Branch

In the musical landscape of the late seventies and early seventies, Branch “…simply absorbed what was there,” as he reminisces. “At that time there were still a multitude of very skilled blues musicians.”


Dual Degrees

CPS students get a jump on college credit through dual enrollment with City Colleges

Zelda Galewsky

There isn’t an instruction manual for college,” says Franco LaPorta. Like many students at Chicago Public Schools, LaPorta believes that his transition from high school to college would have been tough had he been forced to brave it alone.  Continue reading


Art Rock Rising

Tim Young and Passerines float toward a niche

Jason Culver

Tim Young, lead guitarist and vocalist of the band Passerines, does not give off the air of a bandleader. Dressed in Vans, tight pants, and a gray hoodie, Young was shorter than many of his fellow performers during his show at Bucket O’ Blood Books and Records in Logan Square, and his humble demeanor suggested a desire to stay out of the spotlight.

Stage & Screen | Violence

Vice Lords Past

Lord Thing at Black Cinema House

The only existing tape of the 1970 documentary Lord Thing was forgotten for decades until a single damaged VHS was recovered and restored by the Chicago Film Archives, only to be shown at select screenings across Chicago, including the Black Cinema House viewing I attended. Once the curtain rises, however, the inescapable magic of this gem of a film is finally revealed, and one is immediately sucked into the world of the 1960s West Side. A must-watch for any Chicago history aficionado, Lord Thing depicts a part of this city’s turbulent past that is not often told but remains relevant in its content as well as its grounded style. Continue reading