Visual Arts

Gripping Art

“Present Standard” and “Librería Donceles” make the Cultural Center all touchy and feely

Courtesy of DCASE

“Librería Donceles” strongly states the warm, grandfatherly charm of literature

Visual Arts

Luminous Beings

"The Weight of Rage" showcases the artistic life of men in Stateville prison

Devon Daniels Self Portrait

“The work that we do has to have a public presence because otherwise these voices would stay isolated.” (–Sarah Ross, program coordinator of PNAP)

Stage & Screen

Rotten Memory

Repairing a Nation brings historical trauma back to life

Courtesy of eta Creative Arts Foundation

“The mind is like a refrigerator: it keeps memories fresher, longer.”

Visual Arts

Onwards and Upwards

Project Onwards showcases its creative community of artists with disabilities

Stephen Urchick

The willingness of the artists to actively experiment and abundantly create flows from the community-building that the nonprofit enables.

Visual Arts

Young at 75

The SSCAC’s 75th Anniversary exhibit highlights long histories, new practice

Stephen Urchick

“What might have once spoken to freshly-split timbers and a new picket fence is now a fixer-up.” [draft]

Visual Arts

Troubled Recovery

Colm McCarthy’s “Killed” documents child casualties from the Irish Troubles

Courtesy of the Artist

“I wanted to bring them back, larger than life and in color, so that people could look at them, and know their names, and know what happened to them.”

Visual Arts

The Body’s in the Background

“Migrant Files” leaves its mark at ACRE Projects in Pilsen

Stephen Urchick

By what right does someone exhibit a doormat as artwork? Billy McGuinness’s twelve-foot wide dirt-monument gets on the wall as part of “Migrant Files,” a three-artist—McGuinness, Jaxon Pallas, Austen Brown—show currently up at ACRE Projects in Pilsen, on the basis of a pretty good idea. McGuinness’s mat began as a strip of canvas—the same stuff you’d stretch into a painting. He laid it on the floor, just past the visitor’s door to Division XI of the Cook County Jail. It ended as an intricately anonymous record of human movement over time and a self-proclaimed (although decidedly tongue-in-cheek) “high-modernist object.” Continue reading

Visual Arts

Fantasy Writ Large

Level Eater 5.0 teleports into the Co-Prosperity Sphere

Stephen Urchick

Curator Ed Marszewski grabbed me by the shoulder. “You have no idea how seriously these kids—,” he checked himself mid-sentence, nodding at the grey heads in the crowd, “these old men take this!” Continue reading