Photo by Sam Tucker

This restaurant reminds me of growing up and getting a quick bite between bus rides or after a long day. Westside Gyros also resembles this memory for many who appreciate its affordability, with most meals costing under $13. Their menu, printed on the wall, has a retro feel that is usually lost or underappreciated at restaurants now. This old-school shop has a meal that can satisfy most budgets and appetites. There are combos that are simply amazing, like their triple cheeseburger or Double Whipper Style Special. They also have Mediterranean food options, like pitas and, of course, gyros. Just make sure to bring cash. Despite any inconveniences with payment, you will get the best bang out of your buck here. 

A family of four can eat under $40 and leave satisfied. Westside Gyros is one of the few remaining businesses that offer these prices and quality of food in the area. If you stop by, you’ll find workers, families, youth, and other community members making a line to fill their bellies. The restaurant is dedicated to serving its customers—and their wallets. They also have separate menus for wings, sides under $6, and all items on their main menu all include a can of pop and fries. This spot reminds me of the strength that small shops have in feeding entire communities. As a small and family-owned business, Westside Gyros deserves all of the support from hungry customers. They have some of the best lunch specials and crispiest French fries in town.

Westside Gyros, 754 S. Western Ave. Monday–Saturday, 9:30am–9:30pm. (312) 733-9300.

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