Growing up, I loved going to the laundromat. I know for many this is not the case, now as adults or as children back in the day. Harts continues to be a staple in my life thanks to their affordable dry-cleaning services. As a young kid, I loved Harts because they had the best music, different television channels playing, vending machines with good options, and offered a separate play and eating area for customers. There was one time where I didn’t want to leave because they were playing a movie only available on cable, which my family didn’t have. Harts felt like a mall in my five-year-old eyes. 

This laundromat also felt more family friendly compared to the one closer to my home. The staff were always kind and didn’t make children feel like a burden. I always looked forward to going and supporting my family to stay fresh. I loved playing imaginary tag with the dryer machine as a way to pass time. I pretended to “chase” one of my sock friends like it was “whack a mole,” laundry edition. I would keep track but still lose pairs of socks afterwards, which I never understood. 

Another activity was playing crosswords with mi Papa. I would additionally hunt down words by tracking how his massive mustache wiggled when he found a faint trace of something. Con mi mama (with my mom), I would hold her hand and ask for hugs as we waited for the washing machine. I did my best to help with folding, but I wasn’t promoted beyond sock folding, opening doors, and packing the clothes until middle school. Harts is an awesome place where I recommend going to wash those dusty fall and winter blankets. The dry cleaning is also highly recommended!

Hart’s Coin Laundry, 3800 S. Campbell Ave. Monday–Friday, 6am–9pm; Saturday, 5am–9pm; Sunday, 5am–8pm. (773) 523-8038

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