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Don Javy is the most reliable welder in the neighborhood after serving dozens of families due to his lifetime work. He has helped countless families achieve fashionable and high-quality security with his metal work, like fences for the front and back yard, at affordable rates. He is also an expert in building porches and other metal projects to achieve a family’s needs. On my block alone, he helped construct multiple fences for over six homes—that I am aware of—during my childhood. Down my block, he built all of the second story balconies of a new housing development after the destruction of an abandoned building. As a Mexican immigrant, he was another positive male role model for me and for his community as a small business owner who continues to be successful.  

My family worked with Don Javy over twenty years ago when mis Papis finally saved to replace my childhood home’s fence. They trusted Don Javy due to his patience to answer questions and provide updates throughout the service. I remember at a young age that this was one housing project that didn’t stress them out. Don Javy was also kind enough to let me observe at a young age. I had never seen sparks of fire or metal work. At first, I thought he was a fire magician, but then I saw how the tubes and machines came together. I would mock his technique from afar with my teddy bears as he worked. I would tell my mom what I learned from Don Javy and make up words in English and Spanish to explain. 

Don Javy is also a lighthearted spirit and is still connected to my family decades later. My dad and him crack up the funniest jokes. I have to remember that they didn’t grow up together. Over twenty years later, Don Javy still recognizes me as the tiny kid who would throw her teddy bears around and play in the yard with her Dora the Explorer haircut. It’s awesome to still be connected with him. Don Javy takes quality in his work, connecting with customers, and knows how to make anyone laugh.

Don “Javy” Chavez. (773) 841-6295

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  1. How has Don Javy’s work impacted the overall economic development of his community, and what steps has he taken to ensure that his business contributes to the local economy in a meaningful way?

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