According to my twelve-year-old niece, Adeline, Korn Dog is “very good and my first experience at a new type of place.” Kong Dog is not local to University Village but has become a popular spot for many in the area. With multiple locations in Chicagoland and across the United States, Kong Dog was a summer rage this year. Lines stretched down the block when they first opened their University Village location. When you enter, you’ll be greeted with plasma TVs advertising their food like an action film. 

Kong Dogs are prepared by first determining if you would like a meat or cheese dog, and topping preferences. They additionally offer half-and-half options for those who want to mix either types of meats or cheeses. Once you pick your preferences, it is deep fried in front of you. The smell is incredible if you’re a deep fried foodie. The restaurant also has an extensive boba and drink menu, featuring iced ube lattes, brown sugar bubble milk tea, and ginger ale. 

The original cheese Kong Dog was Adeline’s favorite, and she complimented the Cheeto one as second best. Despite some initial hesitancy, she also liked the sweet potato option that balanced savory and sweetness. Adeline said, “I would totally go back if I had a vehicle. My goal is to try all of them.” 

Next on her list is the sweet chili dog and the Churro Kong Dog. Adeline hopes to find her favorite and believes that the sweet chili dog might be the future winner. She described Kong Dog as a perfect “grab and go” spot, but also liked the storefront experience. She took several photos of a fist breaking the wall with a Kong Dog and the Gorilla cutout made her giggle. The plating of the Kong Dog was definitely her favorite part after patiently waiting in line. Kong Dog has recently blown up in the TikTok world and is worth the try if you’re a corn dog fan or willing to try new flavor profiles, like my niece Adeline—who maybe likes sweet potatoes now.

Kong Dog, 1424 W. Taylor St. Monday–Friday, 11am–9pm. (312) 265-0958.

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