Kedzie Avenue

An excerpt from Illustrated Press's "Kedzie Avenue"

This comic is taken from the forthcoming book Kedzie Avenue by Illustrated Press, which will be published in late 2016. Kedzie Avenue is an examination of a north-south street that runs through the entire city of Chicago. The result of “years’ worth of reporting and interviews, the book will weave personal narrative, journalistic reporting, and frame-by-frame illustration into a portrait of the city at large.” This excerpt depicts some of the early history of Kedzie Avenue and Chicago. For more information, see


Little Coffee Shop of Horrors

A comic by Courtney Kendrick

kendrickcoffeeCourtney Kendrick is a Chicagoland artist and illustrator. She has lived on the South Side of Chicago her entire life, and enjoys illustrating environments and important issues in the city of Chicago.


Comics Issue 2015

Welcome to the South Side Weekly’s first ever Comics Issue. In the past the Weekly has published profiles of South Side artists and musicians, stories about political events, and even recipes from South Side food institutions, all in comic form. This issue, chock-full of words and pictures about life on the South Side, is our ode to comics journalism— illustrated reporting, visual storytelling, whatever you want to call it. The comics journalism form is an exciting outlet for the Weekly’s brand of narrative non-fiction; it helps us fulfill that old adage advising writers to “show, not tell.”