Holiday Issue 2015 | Lit

Thanksgiving, Turkey, and Mogen David Wine

Excerpt from chapter three of Old School Adventures from Englewood: South Side of Chicago

Vanessa Valadez

For Thanksgiving, I vividly remember having celery sticks stuffed with dressing, cream cheese, and crushed walnuts, and Mogen David wine, in the middle of a feast fit for a queen. Now just how our family ended up with a wine that has a Jewish association is beyond me. As I researched the wine, I saw blogs and message boards where many people recalled it as being the “festive” wine served during their holidays, also.

Holiday Issue 2015 | Poetry

The Bus

Picked us up at the same spot every time,
near the teacher’s parking lot behind the school,
where the girls would file in, sometimes loudly,
sometimes quietly, past the same driver, Ed,
who would smile wide while starting his speakers.

Holiday Issue 2015 | Poetry

Red Cups

It’s November but
at Dunkin’ Donuts
Elvis sings about
blue Christmas Frank
warns that Santa
is coming to town I drink
decaf from a styrofoam cup
shouting “Joy”
celebratory red
surrounded by
evergreen boughs and
“Warning: Extremely Hot” while
a few blocks
baristas pour five-dollar lattes
in plain red cups
entering the war
on Christmas while
governors vote
to exclude refugees
slash benefits for people
who are poor split families
deporting moms and dads
but let’s make sure
our coffee cups talk about love
and peace on earth
while we rejoice
in our right to bear arms

Holiday Issue 2015

Holiday Issue 2015

Turtel Onli

This issue is our gift to you, and it’s a gift that keeps on giving. In these pages you’ll find a Holiday Gift Guide filled with South Side establishments where you’ll find presents and local personalities guaranteed to spread holiday cheer. We’ve also curated creative writing and interviews with South Siders on the traditions and memories that have made the holidays special for them. Happy Holidays!