Architecture | Hyde Park

Historic Hyde Park

At a talk on Hyde Park's historical architecture, a web of community stories

But the most compelling stories are the human ones behind the photos. Moving from one picture to the next, Davis builds a web of neighborhood lives.

Best of the South Side 2015 | Hyde Park | Kenwood

Best of Hyde Park & Kenwood 2015

Juliet Eldred

Start with the University. You must, because its gravitational force–money, prestige, vision–is what constitutes Hyde-Park-as-such in the first place, gives it its distinctive topography and limits. Without the UofC, Hyde Park would long ago have dissolved into the surrounding South Side. And yet the University’s directive force only sculpts the neighborhood-scape to a certain extent. Into its crevices and blind spots, the South Side languidly but ineluctably flows, filling in available space, moving over when diverted, then back again.

Hyde Park | Lit

Pieces and Players at 57th Street Books

Hyde Park Author Blue Balliett Debuts Her New Novel

Courtesy of Blue Balliet

Balliett brings together all of her most celebrated characters in one book for an adventure involving the puzzling mystery of a museum robbery, a Chicago art tour, and a ghost.

Hyde Park | Music

WHPK Veteran: Track Master Scott

Bryce Peppers

Track Master Scott has been spinning house music at clubs, parties, and events since 1985. As the face of Park Avenue Promotions, an on-the-ground fliers distributor, Track Master toes the line between artist and promoter. For his own events, he often serves as both. His goal has always been the same: to get as many people as possible on the dance floor. Since December 2013, Track Master has hosted “The Track Master Scott Show” on WHPK, where he spins house mixes live on air. His trademark sound is a lion’s roar. The show airs on WHPK 88.5 FM every Friday, from 4am to 6am.

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Hyde Park | Visual Arts

Butter Elbow, Then and Now

Hyde Park’s strangest (and only) animation fest returns

Stills from "San Laszlo Contro Santa Maria Egiziaca" by Magda Guidi

We sit in semi-circles of folding chairs around the projector, snacks and lemonade in hand, waiting for the lights to dim.