Vaccination Sites. Illustration By: Gaby Febland
Is it my turn? Illustration by Gaby Febland

The following locations are where many South Side residents eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine are getting vaccinated. Most sites require you to schedule an appointment on their website or by phone. Two popular online booking tools are and, and some residents who have been through the process say it’s helpful to show up in person and ask to be put on a waiting list (please stay home if you present COVID-19 symptoms or suspect you have been exposed). View the map below for sites near you.

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List of locations:

Roseland Hospital
45 W. 111th St.

Provident Hospital
500 E. 51st St.

Stroger Hospital
1969 Ogden Ave.

UChicago Medicine
5841 S. Maryland Ave.

Rush University Medical Center
1620 W. Harrison St.

Alivio Medical Center
966 W. 21st St.

UI Health
4630 S. Bishop St.
7037 S. Stony Island Ave.
525 S. Racine Ave. (satellite location)

Mount Sinai Hospital
1500 S. Fairfield Ave.

Holy Cross Hospital
2701 W. 68th St.

Lawndale Christian Health Center
3860 Ogden Ave.
3517 W. Arthington St.

Jesse Brown VA Medical Center
820 S. Damen Ave.

Howard Brown Health
641 W. 63rd St.
1525 E. 55th St.

Dr. Jorge Prieto Health Clinic
2424 S. Pulaski Ave.

Ruth M. Rothstein CORE Center
2020 W. Harrison St.

ACCESS Family Health Center
5159 S. Ashland Ave.

Chicago Family Health Center
3223 W. 63rd St.
10536 S. Ewing Ave.
570 E. 115th St.
120 W. 111th St.

Friend Family Health Center
5635 S. Pulaski Rd.
5843 S. Western Ave.
4802 S. Ashland Ave.
800 E. 55th St.
1522 E. 63rd St.

IMAN Community Health Center
2744 W. 63rd St.

Esperanza Health Center
2001 S. California Ave.
2911 W. 47th St. (satellite location)
6057 S. Western Ave.
2759 S. Harding Ave. (satellite location)

Near North Health Service Corporation
4259 S. Berkeley Ave.

Aunt Martha’s Health and Wellness, Inc.
5001 S. Michigan Ave.
3528 E. 118th St.

PCC Community Wellness Center
4534 S. Western Ave.

Englewood Health Center
1135 W. 69th St.

Beloved Community Family Wellness Center
6821 S. Halsted St.

Angel Healthcare Services S.C.
7906 S. Carndon Ave. Suite 2

Pui Tak Center
2216 S. Wentworth Ave.

McCormick Place
2301 S. Martin Luther King, Dr.

United Center
1901 W. Madison St.

Oak Street Health
3348 W. 87th St.
1715 E. 95th St.
4327 S. Archer Ave.
4318 S. State St.
850 W. 63rd St.
3010 W. 26th St.
3046 W. 127th St.

Arturo Velazquez Westside Technical Institute
2800 S. Western Ave.

Harry S. Truman College
1145 W Wilson Ave.

Kennedy-King College
6301 S. Halsted St.

Malcolm X College
1900 W. Jackson Blvd.

Richard J. Daley College
7500 S. Pulaski Rd.

Olive-Harvey College
10001 S. Woodlawn Ave.

1530 S. Ashland Ave.

3145 S. Ashland Ave.

10900 S. Doty Ave.
7535 S. Ashland Ave.
4720 S. Cottage Grove Ave.
2551 W. Cermak Rd.
8331 S. Stewart Ave.

3610 E. 106th St.
3843 W. 47th St.
2345 W. 103rd St.
11 E. 75th St.
3401 W. Roosevelt Rd.
5874 S. Archer Ave.
4700 S. Halsted St.
7150 W. Archer Ave.
1616 E. 87th St.
5036 S. Cottage Grove Ave.
1931 W. Cermak Ave.
501 W. Roosevelt Rd.
11833 S. Western Ave.
7111 S. Western Ave.
7109 S. Jeffrey Blvd.
2 E. Roosevelt Rd.
111 S. Halsted St.
3405 S. King Dr.
1554 E. 55th St.
6016 W. 63rd St.
1633 W. 95th St.
833 W. 115th St.
650 W. 63rd St.
4385 S. Archer Ave.
7045 S. Pulaski Rd.
4710 S. Western Ave.
6315 S. Kedzie Ave.
3000 S. Halsted St.
1926 W. 35th St.
1533 E. 67th St.
4005 W. 26th St.
3045 W. 26th St.
1320 E. 47th St.
316 W. Cermak Rd.
9148 S. Commercial Ave.
5435 S. Kedzie Ave.
1614 W. 47th St.
5414 S. Archer Ave.
11801 S. Avenue O
8628 S. Cottage Grove Ave.
7335 S. Ashland Ave.
4720 S. Cottage Grove Ave.
2551 W. Cermak Rd.
8331 S. Stewart Ave.


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