Notes for February 25, 2015

All You Have to Do

Even as activists are rallying on behalf of an ordinance, supported by twenty-seven aldermen, seeking $20 million in reparations for acts of torture committed by just one CPD officer and those under his command, the police union is suing to destroy records of police misconduct that recently became public information. In the wake of Kalven v. Chicago, the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) has argued that records over five to seven years old are not the city’s to keep and give away—essentially, placing the private interests of public officials above the interests of the public. If Jon Burge is not counterevidence enough, perhaps the fact that just the list of complaints since 1967 came to more than 7,000 pages is enough, or perhaps what a FOP spokesman told the Tribune in October—after police shot seventeen-year-old Laquan McDonald sixteen times—is enough: “When police tell you to drop a weapon, all you have to do is drop it.” Let the records show if that’s true.

Vanilla Is My Favorite Flavor

Bronzeville residents who crave the deeply processed flavor of twenty-first-century self-serve frozen yogurt joints will soon need to go no further than the 35th Street Green Line station to get their fill of the strangely colorful (and yet somehow also flavorless) icy goop that’s taken America’s retail spaces by storm. Last October, CityLab reported that New York had reached “Peak Froyo,” as shoe stores and butcheries across the city got “mall-ified” (read: gentrified) by froyo joints. The North Side has seen a similar flood of mochi and artificial berry sauce, but this new Bronzeville shop, Forever Yogurt, will only be the second froyo shop on the South Side. The first went up a year ago on, you guessed it, 53rd Street in Hyde Park.

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