Screenshot of primary election results for the Secretary of State race.

Over 300,000 Chicagoans voted in Illinois’s June 28 primary, or about twenty percent of registered voters, the lowest turnout in nearly a decade. On the ballot were Democrats and Republicans vying for the Governor’s office, Secretary of State, Congress, and state legislature, to name a few.

Notable electoral victories include Jonathan Jackson, who won the Democratic primary in the 1st Congressional District; Delia Ramirez, who won the Democratic primary in the 3rd Congressional District; and Alexi Giannoulias, who won the Democratic primary for Secretary of State. Read the Weekly’s coverage of these races to hear about Ramirez’s housing platformJackson’s thoughts on reparations, and Giannoulias’s plan to modernize the Secretary of State department.

Use the interactive map below to see how Chicago voted at the precinct level for different races. The map currently includes Democratic primary results only, and will be updated with Republican primary results as the data is made available.

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