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The pandemic has changed how our jobs affected our lives, whether working as an essential worker, stuck remote or out of work.

South Side Weekly is one of twenty-three newsrooms in the Solving for Chicago Collaborative that want to better understand and report on important issues facing families and workers.

Help us by taking this short survey.

What new challenges have you faced, from child care, to the importance of your home, to what you need to feel safe? Importantly, we want to know the solutions you’ve found or are still looking for.

Also, let us know what newsroom you feel should take the lead in covering these issues.

We want our coverage to adequately reflect experiences impacting life, family and community for workers in health care, schools, transit, public safety, food service and other industries that are critical to our ability to function as a city and state.

Thank you!

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  1. I need to work during the pandemic, I need unemployment money, I need to pay my rent and car note and insurance,

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