From Karega Kofi Moyo's exhibit at Rootwork Gallery in Pilsen (Olivia Obineme)

This week on SSW Radio we shared interviews with two local photographers of Chicago’s past and present, learned about the Englewood steering committee, and honored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with a new Weekly Read

Larry Redmond (Provided)
Larry Redmond (Provided)

We began this week’s show with Larry Redmond, a lawyer, writer, photographer, and father. His photographic art is a part of the For The People Artists Collective 2018 exhibition, “Do Not Resist? 100 Years of Chicago Police Violence.” In an interview with South Side Weekly Radio’s Erisa Apantaku, Larry Redmond explains his recent work, which includes collages of overlapping photographs investigating the interactions between police and civilians.

Next, we heard from another photographer who was active in the Civil Rights Era. Karega Kofi Moyo was first exposed to the craft of photography via his mother, a hobbyist who repurposed Moyo’s bedroom into a darkroom. In 1968, when Moyo learned of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s  assassination, he anticipated the subsequent uprising. He recalls thinking, “I would not be at all surprised if the West Side didn’t go up in flames. And that is in fact what happened.” With his camera, he documented several scenes of the aftermath, including an interaction between riot police and a young boy. Moyo spoke with The Weekly’s Erisa Apantaku about this series of never-before-seen photographs, up through February in Rootwork Gallery.

After that, the Weekly Read shared a brand new Read on Dr. King’s legacy and why the holiday season doesn’t end in her house until after King’s birthday.

To close out the hour, we chatted with South Side Weekly writer Bridget Newsham about her recent piece on the steering committee tasked with evaluating the Chicago Public School’s plan to close all four neighborhood schools in Englewood.

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