Students at the UIC FAST Adult Education and Career Transition - Center for Literacy work on exhibits for "Our City, Our Museum" (milo bosh)

This week on SSW Radio we continued our series on WHPK DJs, interviewed a local rapper, and heard from students developing museum exhibits telling their stories of their communities

Sergio Mims needs no introduction. “I’m here. Come get me.” Enough said.

The film critic and host of “Stuff From My Collection” on WHPK popped into the studio for a live interview as part of our WHPK Community DJs series, and boy were we glad to have him! Sergio told us about his enthusiasm for classical music, shared his take on a few recent films, and explained why his new passion is reviewing older films from Black filmmakers.

How is your neighborhood represented in history or museums? Students in UIC’s Center for Literacy Family Start (FAST) Learning and Support Service have been examining that question in their latest unit “Our City, Our Museum.” The unit is a first step in a new direction for UIC’s adult education programs.

South Side Weekly’s Erisa Apantaku talked with instructors and students about their work for “Our City, Our Museum.” Some students shared research they did into the history of their community, while others dug into the histories of their own families. The result: an intimate museum of Chicagoans.

“I want the playmix to be kind of like a mystery. I haven’t posted any lyrics. I haven’t posted any samples, any credits really. There’s no track listing for it that’s external. So it’s kind of like you just turn it on and you get wrapped up in this thing.”

What is a playmix? That’s what South Side Weekly’s Erisa Apantaku wanted to know. She interviewed Plus Sign about their new playmix #pleasureboy. Plus Sign talks about how they made the playmix, why it’s one long track, and how #nomoneynoborders factors into the music they make.

And in the middle of our show, The Weekly Read gave us some history for Women’s History Month.

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