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SSW Radio: Strong Relationships, Bail Reform, Uncomfortable Stories, and More

This week on SSW Radio we talked about Black History Month and bail reform, and got insight into how to build a strong foundation to a romantic relationship

“To me, Black History month has always been an opportunity to catch up on literature that I was not exposed to through the school system,” Trina Reynolds-Tyler told us as part of our Black History Month series. Here’s what other South Siders had to say.

Have you ever found yourself wondering if your partner is your best friend? “When we think of best friends we think of limitless… respect,” Sean Nash, one half of The Extraordinary Everyday Marriage Duo, said in response to the Weekly Read’s question about best friends and partners. In part three of our love month series, Sean and Dorian H. Nash weigh in on how to build a strong foundation to your romantic relationship.

South Side Weekly writer Kiran Misra spoke with our hosts Olivia Obineme and Sam Larsen about her three part series on bail reform, of which you can read parts one and two. In the conversation, Misra informed listeners about the medieval history of the bail system, what current activist groups have been doing to try to reform that system, and what forms of “reform” we should be wary of.


And in between, the Weekly Read gave us a history lesson on one of the first Black journalists and publishers: David Ruggles.

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