Plans to Expand

What the mayor’s plan for more pre-K means locally

“If we want to continue making progress, we have to start in the earliest years of a child's life,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel pronounced emphatically before a packed chamber on October 15, as part of the education component of his 2015 Budget Address to the City Council.

Faith | Little Village

Father Nevins of Santa Inés de Bohemia

The Little Village pastor on his experiences with the Latino community

The identity of Little Village has undergone periods of subtle transformation, as the neighborhood has shifted from being defined by Irish, Eastern-European, Polish, to Mexican immigrants.


Opting Out

CPS parents and teachers resist high-stakes standardized tests

Two years ago, Joy Clendenning, a Hyde Park mother of three CPS students, was walking her kids home after school when one of them broke down in tears.

Games | Visual Arts

There Is No Down

Playing "Relativity" with developer Willy Chyr

Games | Visual Arts

There Is No Down

Playing "Relativity" with developer Willy Chyr

Bronzeville | Visual Arts

Don't Be Misled

“Perception/Reality” at Blanc Gallery

Music | Hyde Park

WHPK Veteran: Track Master Scott

"Listen, I promote me before I promote anybody else, that's mandatory. If I'm spinning with these cats, I'm still gonna promote me."

Books | Englewood

Growing Up In Englewood

Elaine Hegwood Bowen reflects on Englewood in the fifties, sixties, and seventies in her new book

Books | Englewood

1964 Red Buick

It's 1965, and it's time again for my father to purchase an almost-new car. My father walks less than a mile from our home to Crown Buick Co. at 63rd Street and Throop and buys a fire engine red Buick Riviera.

Visual Arts

The Camera Man

Michael Abramson's photos capture the nightlife of a bygone era

Before his death, one might have reasonably referred to Michael Abramson as a “celebrity portrait photographer,” although this wouldn’t have been strictly true.