Education | Music

Musician and Maestra

Diane Ellis in the classroom and on stage

by Hafsa Razi


From Olmsted to Ono

Project 120 and Yoko Ono launch plans to redevelop Jackson Park

by Hannah O'Grady

Visual Arts

Off the Grid

The Renaissance Society welcomes a new century by demolishing its last

by Sammie Spector

Music | Woodlawn

Coltrane to Close the Gap

Woodlawn’s Coltrane Conservatory offers an accessible jazz education

by Emeline Posner

Visual Arts

Shifting Spaces

"Exodus" at the Arts Incubator

by Stephen Urchick

A lot of good design went into giving the Washington Park Arts Incubator a welcoming and airy street-side façade, with its big, vulnerable glass windows. An artwork like Alfredo Salazar-Caro's “In and Out, In and Out, In and Out” demonstrates just how easy it is to shut that illusion of openness down.

Visual Arts

A Walk in the Park

"HOLDING" at ACRE Projects

by Emily Lipstein

Watching his feet tremble, I know he is going to fall off the wall. Luckily for him, he gains stability on his perch—two rocks bolted a few feet from the ground—and suddenly appears immovable.

Development | Labor

The City’s Hidden Backbone

Black Diamond Marine keeps Chicago’s past in the present

by Maha Ahmed