Visual Arts

2-D Levels Up

“Bit Wars” at BLUE1647

As a visual art installation focused on video game aesthetics, “Bit Wars: Art Tribute to 8bit and 16bit Videogaming” had its work cut out for it from the start.

Activism | Immigration

Delay and Dismay

Executive action on immigration

At the corner of 19th and Carpenter, Organized Communities Against Deportations (OCAD) gathered for a public forum introducing their new report on immigration reform, Destructive Delay.


A Sequel to Genre

The future is real for Etc. Records

Pullman | Roseland

Slow Roll Rides Again

“The weather man did not tell the truth,” remarked Oboi Reed, smiling defiantly despite the pouring rain. This was the sort of day that made me want to crawl back into bed, not the best biking weather.

Englewood | Food

Kusanya, One Year In

“The more I live here the more I realize how many outside factors determine who builds this neighborhood, and how little opportunities we have to kind of change our own stars, to a certain degree. There are so many things that impact us that we can’t change.”

Visual Arts

Pizza Boy Lives

"If They Mated" at the Honey Hole


Open House Chicago

We set out to explore a cross-section of churches to see what they reveal about the history of neighborhood change on our side of the city