Visual Arts

Young at 75

The SSCAC’s 75th Anniversary exhibit highlights long histories, new practice

by Stephen Urchick

Visual Arts

"A Prophet In Your Hometown"

The Renaissance Society celebrates one hundred years

by Adam Thorp

Visual Arts

The Not-So-Distant Past

Considering reparations at Uri-Eichen Gallery

by Lewis Page

Development | Visual Arts

Between Two Chinatowns

Incorporating elements of feng shui, a new Chinatown library seeks to unite new and old

by Lauren Gurley


Surf’s Out

A peek inside the new mixtape by Chance and friends

by Maha Ahmed and Jake Bittle


“I’m Still Mr. YOUmedia”

Digital studios at Chicago Public Libraries encourage young artists to create

by Olivia Myszkowski

Portraits | Visual Arts

Father of the Black Age

Black Age of Comics founder Turtel Onli talks past, present, and future

by Alex Harrell

Visual Arts

A City of DJs

"Windy City Breakdown" at the Arts Incubator

by Kanisha Williams

Stage & Screen

A Return To Wonder

The Secret Garden at Court Theatre enchants

by Miles Morgan

Stage & Screen | Urban planning

The Way Forward

A retrospective on Urban Renewal at Black Cinema House

by Emeline Posner

Visual Arts

No Longer Art, But No Longer Shelved

The Salvage Art Institute brings damaged artwork back into galleries and museums

by Sammie Spector

Visual Arts

Restoring Color

Caryl Yasko restores her mural “Under City Stone” in Hyde Park

by Darren Wan

Stage & Screen

All In a Day’s Work

Kartemquin Films’ new series follows the stories of low-income Americans

by Emiliano Burr Di Mauro

Education | Visual Arts

A New Home Down the Block

The South Chicago Art Center is moving and becoming SkyArt

by Cooper Aspegren


From Prison Yard to Table

A10 buys locally, and purposefully, through the Cook County Prison

by Sammie Spector


South Side Summer Camps

School lets out soon. What's next?

by South Side Weekly

The Weekly has compiled a list of summer programs for young people across the South Side to fill their days with.