South Side Sisterhood of Writers

Going against the flow for the love of writing

Turtel Onli

On a slightly gray Saturday, I walk up to the Beverly home of Tina Jenkins Bell, the president of For Love of Writing (FLOW), to sit in on an impromptu meeting of the group’s core members. Chirskira Caillouet, FLOW’s vice president, invites me in and offers me food—she tells me that whenever the group meets, there’s food.


Exoneree Diaries

Exoneree Diaries calls attention to those fighting for a future after a wrongful conviction

Exoneree Diaries by Alison Flowers

“There was no playbook for helping an exoneree set up his life after nearly a quarter of a century behind bars.”[AR1] —Alison Flowers[AR2] [CB3]


Whose City Colleges?

Through a push for an elected school board and equal access to programs, the Alliance of City College Unions fights to “keep the community in community colleges”

Courtesy of Cook County College Teachers Union

“We are merely asking for democracy in education: let communities vote for who makes decisions at these public community schools” CCCTU Local 1600 representative Michael Held