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What Happened to Mariano’s?

A scrapped grocery store casts doubt on the future of food access in South Shore and South Chicago

Jasmin Liang

Before Charles Barlow moved to South Shore earlier this year, he wanted to scope out the neighborhood. He looked up the local grocery stores, got in his car, and drove to the corner of 87th Street and Lake Shore Drive, where he expected to find a Mariano’s. Instead of fresh food, he was greeted by grassland and the promise of future development.

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Yes To Humor, No To Laughs

Untitled (Just Kidding) at the Logan Center

Courtesy of the artist

I am watching “Do Voices,” the last piece in Untitled (Just Kidding), a collection of short video works by artist Jesse Malmed. During the video’s final minutes, singing voices chime in at various points around me. To my left I hear a scratchy Irish accent, and behind me to my right I can discern a timid woman’s voice. Malmed,  the star of the evening, is present, both orchestrating the voices and singing with them. Continue reading


Thirty Years of Music

Inside Little Village's Clave Azul music school

Addie Barron

With posters and signage plastering almost every window and door, it’s easy to miss the entrance to Clave Azul, a Little Village music school housed on the second floor of an unassuming brick corner building.