Visual Arts

The Past Keeps Happening

Suspending disbelief with filmmaker Christopher Harris

Courtesy of Christopher Harris

But the woman on the screen locks eyes with the audience—whispering that things are “partially true, and therefore totally false”—before her figure is duplicated, flipped upside-down, and inverted like a photographic negative.

Features | Music

When the Gates Swing Open

Looking back at the life of Otis Clay

Ellen Hao

On January 16, Liberty Baptist Church was packed shoulder-to-shoulder. Under the stained-glass windows, churchgoers swayed back and forth, singing along to “When the Gates Swing Open”—but with one notable absence. Otis Clay, who for decades had sung the very same song from the pulpit, was now in a casket.


A Call to Pray

Christian teachers’ organization prays for better schools

Ellie Mejia

As the conference’s PowerPoint conceded in bold red text: “praying with students in class is not a wise strategy; it can get you fired.”