History in Lowercase

Poet Kevin Coval wrestles with the political and the personal in his tribute to Chicago

What happens when we do not learn from the past?

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Policy in Practice

Theresa Mah on history, prejudice, and representing the 2nd District

Theresa Mah spent the first part of her career studying history, but now she is on the cusp of making it. Mah will be running unopposed in this November’s general election to represent the 2nd District—which includes Chinatown, Bridgeport, and Pilsen—in the Illinois House of Representatives. If she wins, she will be the first-ever Asian American legislator in the Illinois General Assembly. In this interview, the McKinley Park resident shares her thoughts about where she has been and where she is headed.


Language Barriers

With a growing number of new Chinese immigrants attending Kelly High School, teachers and administrators must find ways to adapt

Jean Cochrane

“Kelly has a long history of catering to the needs of new immigrant students.” Dongyu Bao


Gathering Force

Ciera McKissick, editor of AMFM Magazine, is two years into her stint as a Chicago local

Kristin Lin

“I think that home is wherever I am and wherever I’m doing stuff and wherever I’m engrained in at the moment,”


How to Be Heard

High school spoken word community gathers at the South Side Slam

Kristin Lin

“This is a fair representation of what I think Chicago youth are really all about,” Miller added. “[So often] we’re in the negative press, but when you sit and you look at what can happen when you are allowed to express yourself and you are given a medium on which to do that, the things that can come out of it are so phenomenal.”

Visual Arts

Retelling a Segregation Story

The Rhona Hoffman Gallery brings Gordon Parks’s seminal photographs to Chicago

Courtesy and copyright of the Gordon Parks Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Thornton Sr., arms folded like cross-stitches across their laps, stare forward on page 98 of Life magazine’s September 24, 1956 issue. Photojournalist and writer Gordon Parks photographed the elderly black couple while on assignment in Mobile, Alabama, where he spent several weeks photographing the four-generation family to document life in the segregated south.


Meeting in the Middle

TEAM Englewood students find creative freedom across the pond

TEAM Englewood

Last April, British poet Deborah ‘Debris’ Stevenson traveled almost four thousand miles to meet her students at TEAM Englewood Academy in person for the first time.

Visual Arts

Hope in a Hot Shop

Project FIRE displays glassblowing and celebrates new family ties, despite uncertain future

Anton Zilinski

“With glassblowing, you develop a certain level of bond because of the danger inherent and the level of communication it requires.You’re never working with just one person.”