Holiday Issue 2018

The Holiday Issue 2018

Siena Fite, Ellen Hao

A holiday is a strange thing. So much is wrapped up into one–family, shopping, nostalgia, identity, gods–that it ceases to remain a day like any other. Entire years pass without notice, but you might remember what you were doing last Hanukkah, or Christmas, or New Year’s Eve. Maybe your holiday was a joyous one, filled with beautiful reunions and delicious food. Maybe it was a difficult reminder of family, or of the absence of a loved one. Not every individual holiday is memorable, but together they form the yearly scaffolding of our decades.

Holiday Issue 2018

In Memory of James Garrett

Ireashia Bennett

Early in October, Brittanee Rolle, a teacher at Butler College Prep in Pullman, reached out to Weekly editors requesting a space where her students could share their memories of James Garrett, a senior classmate who had passed away the day before.