Garfield & Wabash

Developer hopes to restore glory of historic Washington Park bakery

Alex Harrell

“Returning the building to its former glory could have a significant impact on the community.” Ghian Foreman


64th & Cottage Grove

A tale of two buildings


Just a block south of the 63rd and Cottage Grove Green Line, on the northeast corner of the intersection, sits a squat two-story building. Its facade of light stone is punctuated by decorative maroon bricks and sets of three arched windows framed with golden wood. Continue reading


Under the Green Line

Calumet & Garfield

The intersection of Garfield and Calumet has long been dominated by the Green Line. Most recently, the Red Line closure brought massive traffic to the station between buses replacing the Red Line and the lure of free entry at Garfield, daily ridership at the station jumped from thirteen hundred to thirteen thousand. A previously vacant lot at the northwest corner of Garfield and Calumet has taken center stages as a bus terminal for the rail replacement service. Continue reading
Bronzeville | Junctures

At the Heart of the Metropolis

47th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue



People come and go, buildings rise and fall, and properties change hands, but a bank must always be present to bear witness. In 1922, the South Side Trust and Savings Bank was built on the corner of 47th and Cottage Grove in the classical style. For years people walked between the two-story-tall Indiana limestone pillars that framed the front entrance to conduct their business, helping to make 47th Street the black metropolis it became in the decades following the Great Migration. The building has since become the Urban Partnership Bank, and if current plans succeed, it may witness a rejuvenated Bronzeville of a different form. Continue reading

Back of the Yards | Englewood | Junctures

Peoria Street & Garfield Boulevard



To talk about Garfield and Peoria is to talk about St. Basil–Visitation parish. Its two landmarks face one another on either side of Garfield Boulevard: Visitation Catholic School and St. Basil’s Church, with Peoria running in between. Today, the church and school communities are both small but vibrant; Father Hernán Moran-Rosero of St. Basil’s speaks fondly of Visitation’s annual Christmas concert, which is held at the church each year and marks a rare instance when the pews are filled. Just a few decades ago, empty seats at St. Basil’s would have been unthinkable, as would a Latino reverend. Continue reading