When I Was a Kid: Lyk Singleton, age 13 | As Told to Bess Cohen
Making It: In the studio with Bruza and Kosine | As Told to Jake Bittle
Back of the House: A conversation with Johnny O | As Told to Sam Stecklow
Non-Judgemental Support: A conversation with Imani Harris | As Told to Maira Khwaja
Community Matters: A conversation with Rudy and Joyce Nimocks | As Told to Amelia Dmowska
Reach Down to Where You At: A conversation with Shango Johnson | As Told to Marissa Warner
Remember to Praise the Praise Singer: A conversation with Nana Camille Yarbrough | As Told to Bea Malsky
Secret HistoriesAn excerpt from The Secret History of Chicago Music  | As Told to  Plastic Crimewave (Steve Krakow)
The Music and the Moment: A conversation with Larry Brown Jr. | As Told to Austin Brown

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