Fish Sauce | H.B. Kamau
This War | O.A. Fraser
lovesong | Keith Wilson
Poem for Tice | Susan Hogan
pronounce | Nate Marshall
Spokane | Hannah O’Grady
Communion | H.B. Kamau
Chicago Poems from St. Thomas the Apostle School
The Ballroom Artists’ Commune | Susan Hogan
How to  Express Mixed  Emotions on a  Standardized  Test | Keith Wilson


Juggling | Luis Alejandro Ordóñez
The Lion | Linus Recht
Sue | Jack Murphy
Hyde Park Walking Tour | Kimberly Dixon-Mays
When Life Gives You Oranges | Annesti Walker
Dusk | Rafael Franco
Stop and Frisk | Tony Lindsay
The Cry of the Tiger | Stanislaw Jaroszek
Callie | Jack Murphy
Red’s Excuse | Andrew Lovdahl


My Son’s Race | Diane O’Neill
The Spirit We Have Here | Paul Dailing
Downtown Brown | Paul Dailing
A profile of Blue Balliett | Emily Lipstein
A review of K.B. Jensen’s Painting with Fire | Wednesday Quansah
A conversation with Kimberly Dixon-Mays | Rachel Hyman
A Q&A with Nate Marshall | Maira Khwaja
A review of Stuart Dybek’s Paper Lantern

Answers to the Lit Issue crossword can be found here.

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