Arts Issue 2017 | Visual Arts

Building Cabinets, Computers, and Community

In community workshops, South Side “makers” get to work with their hands

Courtesy of the Museum of Science and Industry

The weekly member meeting of the South Side Hackerspace (SSH) begins with a call to those in the room to “gather around the TV.” The TV in question is facedown on a table with its back wide open and its internal hardware exposed. It’s the electronic centerpiece of a table cluttered with wires and circuitry.

Interviews | Music

Mouthpiece to the Movement

Artist-abolitionist Ric Wilson on his soon-to-drop EP, The Sun Was Out, and more

Ian Moore

“I engineer my own self; I shoot my own videos; I’m planning my own PR drops and campaigns and all that.”

Features | Visual Arts

Paint the Town

Amanda Williams explores the colors of the South Side

Courtesy of Amanda Williams

Colors seen on her painted houses include Harold’s Chicken Shack Red, Newport Blue, and Pink Oil Moisturizer Pink. OR Color(ed) Theory was born out of Williams’s interest in thinking about the intersections of color, race, and space.


Love After Death

Poet Elizabeth Alexander reads from The Light of the World

In The Light of the World, love is as inevitable as death; Alexander understood early on that “loss is not felt in the absence of love.”


Produce Man

Hyde Park Produce owner Larry Damico talks about his family business

Ellie Mejia

“It’s all about keeping them happy right now—keeping them excited to come here.”


Mourning Englewood’s Alderman

JoAnn Thompson’s sudden passing shifts the 16th Ward aldermanic race

Sofia Wyetzner

A tragic twist in the closely watched 16th Ward aldermanic race came last Monday with the sudden passing of incumbent JoAnn Thompson. Thompson was running for a third term in her ward (which includes the neighborhoods of Englewood, Gage Park, and Chicago Lawn) when she died of heart failure two weeks after a scheduled operation. She was fifty-eight years old. Continue reading