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Jaime di Paulo

For the head of Little Village’s business network, Trump’s immigration policies have meant disaster—and renewal

Ellen Hao

Jaime di Paulo is the executive director of the Little Village Chamber of Commerce. Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, di Paulo was recruited to come work with the thriving business community here. He sat down with 90 Days, 90 Voices to talk about how President Trump’s election has impacted Little Village, an oft-overlooked economic powerhouse.

Visual Arts

Burning Flags

Artist Dread Scott speaks about his revolutionary art

Courtesy of the Artist

“This is me burning a flag on the steps of the Capital.”

Visual Arts

Political Clay

Chicago Ceramic Center’s inaugural exhibition

Ellen Hao

“They’re all named. ‘Hello, I’m Jeb Bush.’” Walter explains, “And he’s got his head up his butt ‘cause he’s the one that threw the election for his brother George.”