FREEPU$$Y and Free Angel

Advertised as an EP on heartbreak, Angel Davanport’s new mixtape is more about control

Angel Davanport deserves to be famous. Society’s probably not ready for her, but that’s not her fault. She’s got the right ideas—the right rhymes, the right pipes, the right instincts, the right heart—and she knows it, too. Belligerently and defiantly titled FREEPU$$Y, her latest EP opens with the phrase, “you ain’t never ever had a love like this before,” and it’s true. Written on the heels of significant emotional pain, the mixtape is Davanport’s effort to reclaim herself, her heart, and her righteously beloved sexuality. If listeners walk into this one expecting thirty minutes of non-threatening lamentations from a woman missing and needing “her man,” they’re in for quite a shock. Continue reading

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Who is Fluffy?

Kari Wei

Who Is Fluffy?” It’s the question that’s been on everyone’s lips—as well as the title of her first EP—but no one can answer it better than Fluffy herself. The Weekly met Fluffy last spring during an interview with her close friend and associate, Psalm One/Hologram Kizzie. Though at the time Fluffy introduced herself as Kizzie’s manager, she has since become a breakout MC in her own right, releasing a number of tracks in her signature conversational style and touring throughout Europe. She is currently performing across the Midwest on the Chicago Takeover tour with Psalm One, The Hood Internet, and My Gold Mask. The Weekly met her in between tours to talk about her childhood on the South Side, her experiences in education and the corporate world, and the beginnings of her career as both a solo artist and a member of the female hip-hop collective Rapper Chicks. Continue reading