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An Iconic Presence

The Obama Presidential Center design team on their work and their vision for the space

Maddie Anderson

On Saturday, October 14, rain poured down in torrents, the air cold and dark. It was one of the first chilly, rainy days after two weeks of unusually warm early October weather. Yet dozens of people made it through the storm to the DuSable Museum of African American History for EXPO CHICAGO’s panel conversation introducing the design team behind the Obama Presidential Center (OPC). In a shift from the typically fraught conversations about the OPC’s economic and local community impact, the panel instead focused on illustrating the design process behind the OPC, and discussing its role as an innovative social and cultural institution.

Avalon Park | Best of the South Side 2017 | Chatham | Greater Grand Crossing

Best of Chatham, Avalon Park, & Greater Grand Crossing 2017

Jason Schumer

I’ve lived in Chatham since the fifties. My aunt and uncle were one of the first African American couples who lived here. It was an all-white area at the time. Within two years, white flight took place. African American middle class professionals moved here. Doctors. Policemen. Judges. Politicians. Dentists.


Lifting up the Mid-South Side

Sol Anderson on LIFT’s holistic approach to breaking the cycle of poverty and their Mid-South Side relaunch

“This is my 15th, 20th year of doing this, but I’m still an optimist, still believe beyond belief that we can do it and the way I see it happening is that someone has to make the first step and that’s why it’s important for us to make this move.”


Remember Who You’re Working For

CPS students discuss impact of education crisis on their lives

Cam Bauchner

“It doesn’t make sense to give money to the schools that already have a lot of money and give neighborhood schools nothing and expect neighborhood schools to perform better.”