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The Stone Soup Dance

As funding for disability programming comes under threat, service providers get smarter

Monika Neuland teaches a class at the Rose Center. Neuland manages large amounts of donations to cope in a chronically underfunded human services sector. (Jason Schumer)

The back room of Envision Unlimited’s Rose Center, in Back of the Yards, is piled to the proverbial ceiling with arts and crafts materials: boxes of old lace, a package of sequined hats, a children’s doll whose head had, at some point in its transport, become decapitated from its body. Sorting through it all is Monika Neuland, a social practice artist, educator, and consultant who works with agencies that provide services for those with physical and developmental disabilities. Envision Unlimited, the organization which owns the Rose Center, is one of these. The arts supplies are a donation that will help sustain the various arts programs that Neuland leads around the Chicago area, including the mask-making workshop taking place here in the Rose Center.

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For Wounds Long Unseen and Neglected

A new triage center in Roseland provides alternatives for individuals with mental illness

When individuals with mental illness live in underserved communities, without adequate mental health care, they often seek antidotes elsewhere: Many try to self-medicate with alcohol or illegal substances. Some resort to retail theft or other petty crimes to get by. For others, a mental health crisis may escalate to a point where they become a threat to themselves or others.

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Lost Contact

Half of Chicago's public mental health clinics were closed in 2012. The rest may soon follow suit

As patients are transferred out of city clinics, people will begin to fall through the cracks. LUKE WHITE.

As patients are transferred out of city clinics, people will begin to fall through the cracks. LUKE WHITE

After he graduated from high school, Calvin McCloud began to fall apart. Continue reading