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In the Middle of It

As its longtime focus on race and inequality becomes central in the national conversation, The Chicago Reporter redefines itself as an online news organization

“Issues around policing, Black Lives Matter, and so many other racial justice movements had erupted through these incredible online conversations,” Richardson recalls. “A lot of the core issues we had reported about were really playing out, and the ideas being spread were clearly via social media. It struck me that, well, we need to think about how we can be in those conversations more aggressively with the type of information and investigative work that we do, and the data.”

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If It Bleeds It Leads

Chicago has seen 146 murders so far this year. What would it mean to cover them responsibly?

Zelda Galewsky & Ellie Mejia

Impoverished neighborhoods receive impoverished coverage, cultivating an awareness not of suffering but of danger. To cover only a neighborhood’s crime is to say, subtly but repeatedly, that bad things happen to bad people.