City-Run Englewood Clinic Abruptly Shuttered

Federal funding gets cut, yet HIV rates remain high in vulnerable communities

Jason Schumer

In early December, the Teamwork Englewood office received an anonymous call from an affiliate of the Chicago Department of Public Health alerting them that the Englewood STI Specialty Clinic—one of four city-run clinics offering free testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections—would be shutting down.

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If It Bleeds It Leads

Chicago has seen 146 murders so far this year. What would it mean to cover them responsibly?

Zelda Galewsky & Ellie Mejia

Impoverished neighborhoods receive impoverished coverage, cultivating an awareness not of suffering but of danger. To cover only a neighborhood’s crime is to say, subtly but repeatedly, that bad things happen to bad people.

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QTIPOC to the Front

The Black and Brown Punk Show Collective builds sound solidarity for queer, trans, and intersex punks of color

Jean Cochrane

“We’re trying to redefine punk as being about survivalism and DIY culture, which are imperative if you’re a marginalized person in this country.”

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Our Horizontal Memory

A few words with Art Spiegelman



Art Spiegelman, author of the comics “Maus” and “In the Shadow of No Towers,” is a master of translating the library of small human behaviors into image and symbol. He freezes moments small and large: a subject caught in the frame before she steps on a banana peel; the cursive practice of a child devolving into idle doodles; a crumbling tower. Last week he came to Chicago for two performances of “Wordless!” at the Logan Center for the Arts. Continue reading

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Temporary Living

A rising number of homeless students at CPS reveals a continuing lack of institutional support

In grander days, Tilden Career Community Academy housed an aviation program alongside its academics. When it was built in 1905, the building was intended for 2,400 students; it had three gymnasiums, and its massive footprint took up an entire block in Back of the Yards. Today the building remains the same, but Tilden has an enrollment of only about 340 students, 192 of whom were classified last year as homeless by the city’s Students in Temporary Living Situations (STLS) program. Last year saw a total of 18,669 homeless students identified in Chicago Public Schools. This year, that number is on track to rise by over twenty-five percent. Continue reading


Drawing a Line

A comic response to urban violence



Earlier this year—on May 7, a Tuesday, at 11:04pm—nineteen-year-old Kevin Ambrose was gunned down in a drive-by shooting on his way to meet a friend at the 47th Street Green Line station. That friend, Michael Dye, who had told Kevin he didn’t need an escort from the station through the neighborhood, heard the shots as he stepped off the train.  Continue reading

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We Show Up with Big Machines

A Q&A with Redmoon Theater

Swings at the concluding summer celebration. BEA MALSKY.

Swings at the concluding summer celebration. BEA MALSKY.

At Redmoon Theater there is little separation between construction and performance; it’s an animal that willingly rolls over and offers up its mechanical underbelly, equal parts absurd and endearing. After a summer of workshops and parades in Chicago parks, Redmoon is preparing for a winter season in its new 57,000-square-foot warehouse in East Pilsen. This is a turning point for the company—Redmoon’s business has been in immense ephemeral events, art interventions that trespass into public spaces and create scenes on a massive scale. This summer’s centerpiece was the Sonic Boom, a giant rolling podium of speakers with a fifteen-foot flamethrower in the back. Past projects have included a lantern procession along the Chicago River and a five-story tall shadow puppet show on the façade of the Museum of Contemporary Art. The new headquarters, nestled by the river in the Cermak Creative Industries District, offers Redmoon, for the first time, a home to stage indoor shows that match the scale of its outdoor work. Continue reading